BOUNCY CASTLE FOR RENT FOR KIDS EVENT IN KUALA LUMPUR | You heard that right, bouncy castle for rent and it is especially great for kids event in Kuala Lumpur! Now, you can rent them anytime and anywhere! 

Your kid’s dream castle and amazing party is on its way. Kids have lots of energy and especially during event. They want to have fun not only with themselves but with a bunch of friends too. The best way to do that and solve a parent’s worries is just rent a bouncy castle!  

Inflatable challenge game or obstacle course

Before you leap for joy, I want to tell you what you should know before renting a bouncy castle or any inflatable.

Number 1: Budget
Of course we are going to talk about money. All dreams need money to come true, so does renting a bouncy castle. Renting bouncy castle or inflatable may cost as little of few hundred to a few thousand ringgit. It is surely depends on how big you want rent, how long you want to rent it for and even what type of bouncy castle or inflatable. Make sure you have a budget before you go hunting for a rental company.

Number 2: Feature
Like I said before, the more excitement you want your rented inflatable to be is totally depend on your budget. But don’t let that kill your creative of what an inflatable can be. It not only the conventional bouncy castle you seen on tv. These days, it can be shaped like a giant ball pit, long slide and even obstacle course style like American ninja if you watch that.

Number 3: Safety
When you have something bouncy involved, safety must be your top priority, especially with kids. There is a safety rule of how many kids can enter the bouncy castle or inflatable. So make sure you get your attendance right and rent the right size for your party. Better be safe than sorry.

Number 4: Weather 
Living in Malaysia where weather is unpredictable but don’t be worry about that! You can rent indoor or outdoor inflatable to your preference. Hence do confirm your venue and get that right type of inflatable.

Inflatable challenge game or obstacle course

Now with the entire tips you have, I want to introduce you to Colorz Event that is going to help you with that! They do all types of events, just to name a few like family day, charity events, kids birthday parties and etc. it’s perfect for all ages. Kids bounce around inside bouncy castle while parents and friends taking funny moments from the outside, it’s a blast!

Themed bounce houses - animals, princess, football, castles

Here are some common bouncy castles and inflatables for events that you can rent:

1. Themed bounce houses - animals, princess, football, castles
2. Inflatable challenge game or obstacle course
3. Inflatable slides
4. Inflatable tunnels
5. Inflatable pool
6. Inflatable ball pit and many more

Inflatable pool 

So please give Colorz Event a call or email them today! You can get a whole list of bouncy castles and inflatable that you can rent from them. 

Do also check out their attractive packages ranging from small to giant bouncy inflatable for rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Their service includes delivery, set up of the inflatable and dismantling it. They have a professional crew to ensure the setup is safe for kids. Call them today for a free consultation on what you can do for your kid’s events!